Data Manipulation


Data Manipulation with Python・DataCamp16 hours Skill Track

Real-world data is messy. That’s why libraries like pandas are so valuable. Using pandas, you can take the pain out of data manipulation by extracting, filtering, and transforming data in DataFrames, clearing a path for quick and reliable data analysis.  If you want to improve your data wrangling skills, this is the track for you. You’ll learn how to prepare real-world data for analysis and grow your expertise as you work with multiple DataFrames using pandas. You’ll also gain hands-on experience of how to combine, merge, and create visualizations. At the end of the track, you'll learn all about NumPy arrays and use New York City’s tree census data to create, sort, filter, and update arrays. Start this track and discover how pandas and NumPy can save you time manipulating data.


Data Manipulation with pandas・DataCamp・4 hours Course

Learn how to import and clean data, calculate statistics, and create visualizations with pandas.

Reshaping Data with pandas・DataCamp・4 hours Course

Reshape DataFrames from a wide to long format, stack and unstack rows and columns, and wrangle multi-index DataFrames.

Joining Data with pandas・DataCamp・4 hours Course

Learn to combine data from multiple tables by joining data together using pandas.


Introduction to NumPy・DataCamp・4 hours Course

Master your skills in NumPy by learning how to create, sort, filter, and update arrays using NYC’s tree census.

Catogoriacal Data

Working with Categorical Data in Python・DataCamp・4 hours Course

Learn how to manipulate and visualize categorical data using pandas and seaborn.