Python Programming for Beginners

Python 簡介・吳亭慧・[30:07]

在醫學影像上的深度學習,通常會使用 Python 程式實作。我們示範一些基礎的 Python 語法,並且針對將來實作演練時可能會遇到的狀況提供一些技巧與提醒。

Python Tutorial・呂明修・[48:40]

How to Learn Python From Scratch in 2024: An Expert Guide・DataCamp・19 min read

Discover how to learn Python, its applications, and the demand for Python skills. Start your Python journey today ​​with our comprehensive guide

Introduction to Python・DataCamp・4 hours Course (Beginner)

Master the basics of data analysis with Python in just four hours. This online course will introduce the Python interface and explore popular packages.

Introduction to Data Science in Python・DataCamp・4 hours Course (Beginner)

Dive into data science using Python and learn how to effectively analyze and visualize your data. No coding experience or skills needed.

Python Fundamentals・DataCamp・15 hours Track  (Beginner)

Are you ready to gain the foundational skills you need to become a Python programmer? In this track, you'll learn the Python basics you need to start on your programming journey, including how to clean real-world data ready for analysis, use data visualization libraries, and even how to write your own Python functions. Your instructor Hugo will introduce you to how companies worldwide use Python to gain a competitive edge. Through hands-on coding exercises you’ll then learn how to store, manipulate, and explore data using NumPy. Then it’s time to level-up as you learn how to visualize your data using Matplotlib, manipulate DataFrames and dictionaries using pandas, and write your own functions and list comprehension. Start this track to add these essential Python skills to your data science toolbox.

Python Online Courses

Intermediate Topics in Python

Writing Efficient Python Code・DataCamp・4 hours Course (Intermediate)

Learn to write efficient code that executes quickly and allocates resources skillfully to avoid unnecessary overhead.

Software Engineering Principles in Python・DataCamp・4 hours Course (Intermediate)

Learn about modularity, documentation, and automated testing to help you solve data science problems more quickly and reliably.

Introduction to Testing in Python・DataCamp・4 hours Course (Intermediate)

Master Python testing: Learn methods, create checks, and ensure error-free code with pytest and unittest.

Advanced Topics in Python

Object-Oriented Programming in Python・DataCamp・4 hours Course (Advanced)

Dive in and learn how to create classes and leverage inheritance and polymorphism to reuse and optimize code.

Parallel Programming with Dask in Python・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

Learn how to use Python parallel programming with Dask to upscale your workflows and efficiently handle big data.

Regular Expressions in Python・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

Learn about string manipulation and become a master at using regular expressions.

・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

・DataCamp・4 Hours Course