ML/DL Skill Set


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Ensemble Methods in Python・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

Learn how to build advanced and effective machine learning models in Python using ensemble techniques such as bagging, boosting, and stacking.

Designing Machine Learning Workflows in Python・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

Learn to build pipelines that stand the test of time.

Deploying machine learning models in production seems easy with modern tools, but often ends in disappointment as the model performs worse in production than in development. This course will give you four superpowers that will make you stand out from the data science crowd and build pipelines that stand the test of time: how to exhaustively tune every aspect of your model in development; how to make the best possible use of available domain expertise; how to monitor your model in performance and deal with any performance deterioration; and finally how to deal with poorly or scarcely labelled data. Digging deep into the cutting edge of sklearn, and dealing with real-life datasets from hot areas like personalized healthcare and cybersecurity, this course reveals a view of machine learning from the frontline.

Winning a Kaggle Competition in Python・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

Learn how to approach and win competitions on Kaggle.

Working with Hugging Face・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

Navigate and use the extensive repository of models and datasets available on the Hugging Face Hub.

Hyperparameter Tuning in Python・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

Gain experience using techniques for automated hyperparameter tuning in Python, including Grid, Random, and Informed Search.

Model Validation in Python・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

Learn the basics of model validation, validation techniques, and begin creating validated and high performing models.

Dimensionality Reduction in Python・DataCamp・4 Hours Course (Intermediate)Intermediate

Understand the concept of reducing dimensionality in your data, and master the techniques to do so in Python.

Monitoring Machine Learning in Python・DataCamp・3 Hours Course

This course covers everything you need to know to build a basic machine learning monitoring system in Python

H・DataCamp・4 Hours Course

Advanced Topics

Data Privacy and Anonymization in Python・DataCamp・4 hours Course

Learn to process sensitive information with privacy-preserving techniques.