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The goal of this tutorial is to give an overview of different intensity-based methods for deformable registration of medical images, as well as to present in-depth technical information about these techniques. Given the tremendous development of deformable registration methods in the last 20 years, our goal is to give a general overview of the subject, comprising many different and commonly used approaches, such as classic variational, viscous fluid, parametric, or demons methods, and to include different points of view on the subject. The first part of the tutorial provides a comprehensive high-level overview, including historical development, and focuses on providing connections between the different points of view. Building on the general presentation in the first part, the second session provides an in-depth treatment of specific topics and methods. Detailed issues are covered in this part, providing insights into different transformation models, continuous and discrete optimization techniques, etc. This tutorial should provide researchers new to the field of registration with an overview of the field and with a working knowledge of the basic concepts. Furthermore, the tutorial is of interest to researchers working with one particular method, who are interested in other approaches and their connections and differences.

 Longitudinal Analysis

・DataCamp・4 hours Course