AI Applications in Medical Imaging

Registration,  Segmentation, Classification, and Prognosis


AI Applications in Medical Imaging
Registration, Segmentation, Classification, and Prognosis

With the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI), researchers are finding ways to improve the speed and accuracy of medical image analysis, which provides important information for cancer research. AI has the potential to further advance medical imaging capabilities by increasing automation. There are four lectures in this series that focus on how AI is applied to medical imaging. In each video, we will see how medical images of patients with brain cancer is analyzed with AI and how each of these approaches allow doctors to improve cancer diagnosis and personalized healthcare. It is recommended that the videos are viewed in the following order: registration, segmentation, classification, and prognosis.

Chichi Chang

Department of Bioengineering, UC Berkeley


Registration [40:48]

Segmentation [41:46]

Prognosis [41:12]